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Helpful Resources on Poverty

The best strategies to close the economic gap rely on sound information to be valid and credible. But with programs to run and clients to serve, who has time to scour the web in search of data? Emerge Solutions is dedicated to helping you help people move out of poverty. For that reason, we now put information that you may find helpful right at your fingertips. Each quarter, we highlight a few information sources in the space below. To download our full catalog, click here. If you have information resources you’ve found valuable to add to our list, contact us.

Featured Resources

Economic Policy Institute

EPI is a nonprofit, nonpartisan think tank created in 1986 to include the needs of low- and middle-income workers in economic policy discussions. Its mission is to inform and empower individuals to seek solutions that ensure broadly shared prosperity and opportunity. Its website is a wealth of information on five topics: children, economic inequality, economic mobility, Occupy Wall Street and poverty. Information is delivered in the form of blogs, reports, public comments, economic indicators and more. Recent work includes:

  • The Rise in Child Poverty Reveals Racial Inequality, More Than a Failed War on Poverty
  • Is Poverty a Mindset?
  • What’s Luck Got to Do With It? When It Comes to Money, Quite a Bit
  • CEO Compensation Has Grown 940% Since 1978; Typical Worker Compensation Has Risen Only 12% Since That Time

There’s also a Twitter feed with news about EPI’s areas of focus.

Heron Foundation

Heron is a private foundation that has been around since 1992. Its mission is to help people and communities help themselves out of poverty. Of special interest: Its blog, “In Case You Missed It,” a weekly digest covering poverty and capitalism. Examples:

Aug. 5, 2017: The Worker Hunger Games: In this issue: wage stagnation and immigration; capitalism through a new lens; and why nonprofits should buy for-profits for social businesses.

Jul 1, 2017: Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Prosperity: In this issue: investing in manufacturing and retail; democracy and poverty in America; and the rise of philanthropy as the government falters.

Also: Soundbites: Podcasts with leaders in the social/impact sectors.